The following is an interview with Kim Dinan:

TE: What is your name, where are you from and what do you do?

KD: My name is Kim Dinan and I am from Portland, Oregon. At the moment I am a writer and a full-time traveler.

TE: What can people expect while they are in Ecuador?

KD: Ecuador is a beautiful country. It is a small country and the bus system is good and makes it easy to get around. It is a diverse country: There is beach, jungle, cloud forest, and snow-capped mountains. Oh, and then there are the Galapagos Islands which are stunning! Whatever you love, you’ll find it in Ecuador.

TE: If you could tell us one thing about Ecuador that most people probably don’t know, what would it be?

KD: Well, I’m not a city girl myself so my tip for traveling in Ecuador would be to stick to the small towns. The small towns have a wonderful, slow vibe to them and I found myself sticking around much longer than I originally planned. The small towns are very safe and the people are wonderful. Also, Ecuador is a great place to learn Spanish!

TE: When is the best time of year to travel to Ecuador?

KD: I traveled to Ecuador in August and September but I hear that the travel is good year-round. There isn’t a bad time to go.

TE: And lastly, in terms of food, what will travelers find in Ecuador?

KD: Well, I’m a vegetarian so my experience is a little different. But, there is wonderful street food in Ecuador. In the restaurants, the set menu lunches are very affordable (think $5 or less for a four-course meal with drink) and the markets are always a good place to find a snack or a fresh juice. Cuy, aka guinea pig, is a national delicacy and you can find it everywhere.

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